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  • Enzymes

    Enzymes: Offering dynamic and innovative performance-enhancing solutions with a variety of applications to industries such as: Textile, laundry, food, animal feed, pulp and paper, biofuel
    Enzymatic preparations for traditional industries can significantly reduce energy and water consumption as well asenvironmental pollution. Moreover, technological advancements and upgrades to traditional industries yield cleaner, greener, more environmentally friendly production processes. 
    Enzymes are the key to the development of second-generation bio-technologiesand the key facilitator to a resource-conscious and environmentally-friendly society.
    ?National Top Ten Enzyme Enterprise
    ?Leadership team serves as the vice-chair for the Chinese Biotech Fermentation Industry Association
    ?Proven innovation track-record with the development of new products according to domestic initiative demands including alkaline pectinase and neutral cellulase

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    TEL:+86-532 88966607